Craft brewing really took off in Cape Town about 3-4 years ago, when guys started noticing that there was a local market willing to pay them to brew – and drink – their own ale.

Seeing that Craft Beer is quickly becoming the hottest thing since...well, normal beer, we decided to share with you the best of the best craft beers in wine country!

You will receive an overview of South African beer history and then onto the “Beerlands” to 4 breweries, ranging from very small to a bigger, more impressive craft brewery in SA.
STELLENBRAU – was born in the spirit of brewing the tastiest & consistent beers in the craft tradition and establishing the first artisanal beer brewed in Stellenbosch. Brewery tour also included.
WILD BEAST – Rob & Chris Boustred, two brothers brew these unique craft beers with passion on their family wine estate – Remhoogte. We will taste both blonde and amber ale and a wine tasting will also be included in this stop.
CAPE BREWING COMPANY (CBC) – A modern craft beer brewery dedicated to making the finest beer possible. We will be able to taste inside the brewery – the largest of the day.
ZEBONKEY - All beers honour the German roots & are brewed to the Reinheitsgebot. Owners want to rediscover old recipes & craft unique beers. An interesting story to the beer's name awaits!
STELLENBOSCH BREWING CO - Based at Joostneberg Deli, South African & American couple owners with a Korean brewing system. Taste 6 different beers like lager, stout, IPA, weiss & bock.
WILD CLOVER - This Brewery had its origins in 2008 in a garage, with a good dose of passion and a love of good wine & beer. Since 2011 it has been at its current & permanent location.
Lunch on a brewery OR wine estate
TOUR: 10h00 to ± 17h30
Min 2 pax (discounts offered for larger groups)
PRICE: From R1400pp from Stellenbosch             From R1500pp from Cape Town
INCLUDES: All beer tasters, 2 brewery tours, transport and a knowledgeable guide.
EXCLUDES: Lunch and extra pints of beer or snacks.

* Please note this is a private tour rate